How long does it take to make the iWall?
A typical project takes about 8 weeks. Creating the software is the longest task.
How long does it take to install the exhibits and who does it?
Of course this depends on the project. Units have been installed within 4hrs. We can supply the install labor crew and supervision needed for the install. Or you can supply the install labor crew and we will send only supervision staff for the install.
What about training and support?
We will offer training to the maintenance staff as needed.
What maintenance is required and is there documentation that comes with the exhibit?
The iWall requires very little maintenance and is designed for great durability. The exhibit’s components should be kept clean and the PC and monitors should be blown clean periodically. We recommend a daily visual inspection and a comprehensive inspection every month. We will give you a technical manual that covers all aspects of the exhibit.
What do I need to do to get an estimate?
We can supply you with an estimate for the structure after the fact-finding questionnaire is filled out. The software estimate can be produced after the development of a software treatment. Download iWall Product Request Form (.doc)
Does the iWall have remotes access capability?
iWalls come with wireless networking ability. We also install remote access accounts on iWalls for remote trouble shooting and software updates.
What kind of warranty is available?
A 1-year warranty is standard on all components. Hardware such as monitors and CPU’s are covered by the manufactures warranty. Monitors come with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. Onsite maintenance agreements and remote monitoring services are also available.
Can the content be perfectly indexed to the graphic or object behind the monitor?
Yes, our cart positioning system allows for coordination down to the thousandth of an inch. In fact we highly recommend that there is a strong relationship between the back wall graphic or object, and the content on the monitor.
How do I decide on the content layout and programming requirements?
Typically, the first phase of the project will include fact finding and the creation of the “treatment proposal”. A software production estimate can then be produced. Then, concept and design treatments are developed including ideas on the desired look and feel. Scripts and outlines are produced which the programmer follows to develop the program. Sample screens and test programs are developed for approval.
What about the software program and who creates it?
The development of the program is a collaborative project between the content designers, the software programmers, and ourselves. Many of the iWall software programs are created by our clients’ agency and other software programming groups. We do offer full programming service if required. All software developers must use our “iWall OS” as the development platform.
How do I program and create asset for the iWall
We have documents that are written for experienced programmers and graphic artist that outlines best practices and specifications for creating iWall programs.
Do you have programming and content development assistance
The iWall team will work closely with you in the development of your programs no matter if iWall team is producing your content or if you're doing it yourself. We will support you in developing the design and layout as well as the type of content assets required. The client will supply the creative brief, storyboards, and finished iWall program for testing on our in-house unit to assure the content is operating properly. We will make every effort to help make the presentation a professional and intuitive experience based on our extensive experience with the specialized iWall format. Support requisite should first be made at the tech support project site.
Can I supply the assets for the program?
Yes, most of our clients prefer to supply their own assets: pictures, video, sound, text, etc. We will provide guidelines for file type and size. Graphics and media production services are available on an as needed basis.
What is the program written in and how does it work with the iWall? What is the “Track iWall OS”?
Programmers can author in a verity of programs, including Unity3D, Processing.org, flash and director. The program and its accompanying files then need to be placed in the “Track iWall OS” shell. The Tack OS has been created to make the software development process easier. The Tack OS communicates with hardware that identifies the location of the monitor and well as many other capabilities. For more information about the iWall OS, please email info@the-iwall.com. The document is targeted for experienced programmers.
What is the Developer’s Kit
Included in the purchase of an iWall is basic support and consultation. We can provide you with a Developer’s Kit including sample iWall programs, iWall OS, rental encoder box.
How easy is it to change the content?
The content layout can be designed so individual assets are easily swapped. The program as a whole can also be replaced via an Ethernet connection or moving files from a USB Thumb Drive to the computer.
How is my program tested on iWall hardware?
All programs are tested on the hardware before leaving our shop. We highly recommend that all programs be tested throughout the development process. For testing, we have an iWall system available for online access 24hrs a day. We also have available a developer’s kit that includes a hardware box that the programmer can use during the development process.